Mission Statement

The Committee of Diversity (COD)  within the American Association of Physical Anthropologists (AAPA) serves to evaluate and advocate for diversity within the association. The COD also serves as an umbrella organization to specific interest groups, including the Committee of Diversity – LGBTQQIAA or gAyAPA.

The COD-LGBTQQIAA group aims to support LGBTQQIAA scholars and allies in the field by facilitating discussion and disseminating information on issues of concern to physical/biological anthropologists in the LGBTQ community and allies.

In pursuit of this mission, the group holds an open committee meeting during the AAPA annual meeting and provides social programming in the host city to raise funds for local LGBTQQIAA youth programs. The group also utilizes various forms of social media, including this website and Twitter, to disseminate relevant information to members. The group also operates a listserve in which list members can post messages to other subscribed members.

COD-LGBTQQIAA Committee Co-Chairs

President/Treasurer: Stephanie Meredith

Secretary: Kristi Lewton

Steering Committee Liaison: Evan Garofalo

Webmaster: Interested? Contact a committee co-chair!

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